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Starbucks: a Cup of Optimism

May 3, 2011 at 3:20 by Martina Comments

Unemployment. A huge problem around the world. How can big companies make the difference? The can offer more jobs (ideal), or they can help you getting discovered… Two students, Rodrigo de Castro and Joan Unzer came up with a brilliant concept for Starbucks. Go online, upload your CV and your photo and get your face and your resume printed on Starbucks coffee cups increasing your possibilities of ending up in the hands of your future employer.

(Looks like the video is now private. Sorry guys I don’t have the password…)
As Suad writes on her blog, this is not a proof perfect idea. But it’s smart and with a lot of viral potential across social media. Too bad that Starbucks isn’t really thinking to adopt it!
PS: As I wrote this is “only” a student project. But it’s brilliant and worth sharing. Look forward to find and share more like this. If you see great work by young talents please send it through at submitnews @

One Response to Starbucks: a Cup of Optimism

  1. Andy Dean says:

    Hi the video needs a password? do you know what it is?

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