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UNIQLO Pinterest “Dry Mesh Project”

June 27, 2012 at 11:02 by Mark Comments

This is my first digital marketing project since I joined Uniqlo. I am a bit embarrased to share my project with you…

Uniqlo and NYC based Firstborn team up for a project that owns Pinterest.
To wake Pinterest users from a scrolling slumber, Uniqlo created 100 separate shell Pinterest accounts that pinned images simultaneously. As users scrolled down their favorite categories, they came across all the images, which combined to create giant mosaics that “animated” when scrolled through.
The giant branded mosaics can be seen by Pinterest users whether or not they follow the Uniqlo brand page. The project targets five categories on which mosaics will appear: men’s apparel, women’s apparel, geek, fitness and sports.

This campaign is very simple execution, just post series of images, which we can tell the story. Although it looks simple, there were some technical challenges behind, but Firstborn could overcome its challenges and made this happen.

Please see video and you will see how it looks.

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