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Audi Quattro Experience

March 10, 2013 at 7:27 by Bridget Comments

Audi set out to demonstrate the legendary road hugging capabilities of the A4 through an interactive & socially enabled installation.  Passers-by could race one of 3 miniature Audis – controlling the car via iPad.  The craft skills are incredible and the idea is really nice.  However, I was disappointed when I saw some of the real race videos that were published.  It seems that the cars regularly wipe out on the corners which is a shame given the purpose of the installation.  That said, I’m sure that the passers-by enjoyed the experience, the craft and the fun of it all.

I like the cheeky reference to BMW in the case study.

You can see one of the race videos below (wipe out at 0:27)

For those with time to kill – there’s also a 15 min documentary / making of here :

via Communication Arts

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