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Now, this is a partnership that does good and makes sense

January 4, 2014 at 7:38 by Ana Comments

Comcast partnered with Khan Academy to bring education to economically disadvantaged people. For those of you not familiar with the Khan Academy, it’s an online education platform covering subjects ranging from organic chemistry to entrepreneurship for free.

How does the Comcast play into this? Well, while Khan Academy has an enormous audience, this audience is unfortunately limited to those with the 24/7 access to cable. Comcast provides Internet Essentials service that costs $10/month and is targeting low-income people. Khan Academy will become part of this service, which will effectively push its offerings to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to benefit from it.

This is a really smart brand move on Comcast’s part, as it will both expand its customer base and create positive brand affinity.

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