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March 03, 2008
The Showdown Interactive

Sorry, this one is one of us, but I have to talk about it as we've spent so much time working on this lately... :)


Last year, One Show asked us to develop the image for their Interactive competition in 2008.

As you may know, fighters have replaced Mariachis as the new mexican cliche and we tried to create a game with some mexican flavor, a bit nasty and that served as a place of reunion for designers, developers, creatives, art directors, etc. trying to have some fun and blood.


Besides whose is the greatest idea now we're talking about whose blood is this, and this is the multiuser game you can play now: Showdown Interactive: "Kill your colleagues".


It's supposed to be played by people who submitted some material to One Show competition (in fact this competition has a final combat that'll take place in New York City next May in the One Show Interactive awards ceremony), but in the end there's a "Try now" button in the main site from which you can look for someone to challenge and crack his bones :)



At the same time, we created some video stuff about some ordinary days in the life of "Fernando", one of our young creatives, and how he struggles when confronting with big names' work, so now he's trying to find something where he can beat them at, "at ANYTHING!"

(some other videos are available at:

Hope you like it!

Comments on this entry

tried playing this a hundred times. all i get is a "connection error". looks nice but doesn't work. a bit of dissappointment really.

Posted by: musa at March 6, 2008 07:45 AM


After reviewing the site and played the game a few times, I was wondering as to what is the future of advergaming (I know it extends to mobile gaming now) and if any stats are available as to what's the average time a user will play and so on?

Posted by: Mathieu at March 17, 2008 03:34 AM


I like the game graphics. But the multiplayer mode didn't really work.

We produce online games and game-banners and see that multiplayer games are normally less successful than simple casual games. The reason is that people surf so fast nowadays that they don't want to learn complicated rules and wait for another player to join. They want fast entertainment.

Multiplayer games work best when you can add some form of communication or community building to your game. And when your target audience loves technology and has time to play.

So, my suggestion - make this game single-player, and let us fight against the jury!

Posted by: Serge @ at March 18, 2008 05:20 PM


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