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July 26, 2006
Mix your Beatbox online

R/GA has developed an interactive video and music tool that puts performances of famous beatbox musicians in the control of Web-site visitors.
The Beatbox Mixer is part of Verizon's branding campaign "Richer, Deeper, Broader" launched more than one year ago in the United States.


The idea behind the tool is to show people how powerful broadband is, while pushing the capabilities of the Web to its limits. I can't say that I like the mixes (so the result), but the tool in itself is pretty amazing!

July 25, 2006
Refresh your point of view

Just to confirm what said in the previous post on the heavy investments in online food marketing to kids, I pass you the link to the new Calippo website launched in Spain. The Web has been integrated with Tv advertising to provide an engaging experience to young consumers.


The result is very colorful, quite slow to load and somehow funny to explore (for 15 seconds...). Of course user generated content plays a role on the website, as visitors are invited to submit their video with "a change of perspective".

Online food marketing to children

In the US the Kaiser Family Foundation has just released an analysis of the nature and scope of online food advertising to children. The Washington Post takes a look at the results and generates some valuable comments on the issue, making the analysis worth reading to understand what is going on in online marketing to kids.

"Children who visit these sites are being exposed to a diverse and extensive array of brand-related information, far beyond anything they would see in a 30-second TV ad. They are also being recruited as marketers themselves, promoting branded messages to their friends."

Interesting for marketers, scary for parents!

July 24, 2006
The viral videos business

Would you like to seed a viral video? Get ready to pay. Bloggers will not talk about your video just because you're a nice guy or your video is actually funny... Read on Business Week how the business of viral videos is expanding quickly. Advertisers are now asked to pay to have influentials talking about their videos. And not only. Advertising on websites with popular user-generated content is becoming more and more expensive.

Interesting to read is the opinion of Stefan Tornquist, research director at MarketingSherpa: "In some respects viral marketing is a victim of its own success. There is so much evocative content being produced by amateurs for free, and then there is competition among brands devoting more resources to viral marketing campaigns."

Consumer, where are you?

eMarketer features today an interesting chart based on Forrester's research on marketing channels used by US marketers. Once again it's a pity the results only reveal what's going on in the US, but still, it's good to know where the game is currently being played in the largest advertising market of the world.


Do you feel sunny?

From Belgium a guerrilla action by Duval Guillaume for Ricard, the largest aniseed based spirit in the world. As you can guess, the concept is "Feel Sunny"...


Continue reading... "Do you feel sunny?"

July 21, 2006
Washing machine poetry

An inspiring TV ad created by Leo Burnett Milan for Ariston Aqualtis.

July 17, 2006
Quick links for July 17

Good news for new media and "alternative" people: according to PQ Media, spending on alternative media strategies surged 16.4% in the first half of 2006 to an estimated $53.37 billion. Read more on Mediapost...

The avatars invasion! For users and for brands it's time to create an animated online version of themselves. A good way to make money out of user generated content? Read more on Washington Post...

The Computer is Personal Again" campaign... a new campaign by HP commented today on ClickZ.

Mc Donald's solar clock

Via Brainstorm #9 a great outdoor for Mc Donald's created by Leo Burnett. Look at the sun, check the time and find your perfect McD snack!


Levi's and the news

The new spot for Levi's created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty - New York.

July 12, 2006
Advertising and social-networking sites

Business Week has published today a very interesting article on the current trend several brands are following: advertising on social-networking sites. The idea is to look for new opportunities on in what's known as user-generated content. Apparently the possibilities are huge, but the risks are also quite evident and worrying. For example, is the quality of the content good enough to associate a brand name with? "It would be naive to think that advertisers aren't concerned about these issues, but it hasn't had an effect on revenue so far" says Michael Barrett, who was recently named chief revenue officer at Fox Interactive Media.

Continue reading... "Advertising and social-networking sites"

Online advertising: think 360

From Australia, a new study by iFocus, web users are ignoring online ads because they are annoying and bear little relationship to the content they are reading. An article on Bandt (reg. req.) points out very often online ads aren't creative enough to grab people's attention, also most of them are totally out of context and therefore unable to generate any interest in the reader.

Quite strong points against online ads. In my opinions, the critics actually don't affect only creative production but also media planning. Of course in order to serve content specific ads you need a proper infrastructure behind, but still we cannot only blame technology if ads don't deliver results. Once again it's about thinking of online advertising from a 360 perspective: creativity, technology, planning and last, but not least, it's about asking ourselves the fundamental question "what's the value for the final consumer"?

July 10, 2006
Scrabble: everything is possible

From France a '50 style advertising campaign by Ogilvy to promote the national Scrabble tournament which will take place next September. As the Padrino used to say, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.


Continue reading... "Scrabble: everything is possible"

Yaris vs Yaris

A very nice advergame for Toyota Yaris created by Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles.


The concept is not extremely original, but the quality of the result (I mean sound design and attention to details) is outstanding.

July 08, 2006
Soccer should be... Adidas

In Europe, Ford says "Destination Football", in the US Adidas claims "Soccer is Adidas". I believe no football, sorry, soccer fan in Europe will be interested in visiting the new Adidas soccer section dedicated to the MLS championship. Even if you look at the website EVB has created for the campaign, you can perceive soccer is a discipline which doesn't receive the same consideration (even in the US) as other sports such as basketball and football itself.


The website is nothing more than a window on the US soccer teams. It's not a low budget (there are also some videos to enrich the content section), but you can't tell it hasn't got the same passion behind as other Adidas' online marketing efforts.

July 07, 2006
Ketchup against landmines: too strong?

A very strong communication idea by Publicis Mojo to support the CALM campaign (New Zealand Campaign Against Landmines). Open the ketchup small bags and discover the drama of landmines. Definitely impressive.


In 89 countries walking on a mine is still the routine.

Found on Adfoblog.

The pleasure of writing

A lovely campaign by TEAM/Y&R;, Dubai for Montblanc. "Rediscover the pleasure of writing".
I love writing, and I love my Montblanc. Even if I spend the whole day in front of a computer, I still believe pen & pencils are the best way to write down ideas and to communicate with the people we love.


This campaign has won the Silver Lion at the Cannes advertising festival.

Continue reading... "The pleasure of writing"

All you need is Visa

Grey London for Visa. This award has won the bronze at the recent Cannes advertising festival (outdoor cat. Banking, Investment & Insurance). Sexy? Not really...



Viral marketing against cancer

Viral marketing can be applied also to cancer prevention. Have a look at this ad created by Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners.

As explained on NMA, the humour is combined with a serious health warning that testicular cancer is the most common cancer to affect men aged 15 to 45. The ad is part of a wider effort, supported by a minisite full of information on prevention, research and support to suffering people.

July 06, 2006
Drive safely, even on a bike

This is an outdoor campaign I recently saw in Switzerland. Don't let accidents end in a horror. Wear a bicycle helmet. Very well executed and placed in key places for cyclists.

If you know the agency, please leave a comment.

Bloggers for Tibet Day

For over 50 years now, Tibetans are desperately trying to get international attention for the humiliating situation of Tibet and Tibetans. In their latest attempt, inspired by the successful Make Poverty History case, Friends of Tibet call upon bloggers worldwide to write about Tibet-related issues. Today - also celebrated as the Dalai Lama's birthday - is declared as Bloggers for World Tibet Day, aimed to create a momentum for freedom of Tibet as never before.

Rembrandt is late: art meets online marketing

I will avoid saying (as I always do) that I love the way Dutch people approach communication. Ops... I just did it again... in any case, I'd like to share with you a new project they have launched to promote a new exhibition dedicated to Rembrandt. For the first time ever all Rembrandt's paintings can be seen together in the Beurs van Berlage.

There is a website ( and there is also a promotional video which animates Rembrandt's paintings to represent a sort of TV show full of jokes and guests. My Dutch is not good enough to tell you if the site is funny enough... In any case I suggest visiting the websites to see an alternative approach to art & marketing.

via Marketingfacts

July 05, 2006
J&B; Nightology: dance to the limit

In Spain, J&B; whisky has recently launched the 2006 edition of its Nightology boat. There is going to be a big party on a boat outside the coast of Malaga in a few weeks.

Not everybody is allowed to enter and tickets cannot be purchased. If you want to be on board, you have to show how crazy you are when you dance. Film yourself while dancing and do it in the weirdest place you can think about. Then send the video to J&B; and they will see if you're cool enough to be admitted. As you will see on the website several funny & silly videos have been already submitted.

One more time the confirmation people want 5 seconds of fame, and user generated content is a must at the moment...

July 03, 2006
Are you lonesome tonight?

From France, an advertainment website created by Draft Paris for SFR Entreprises (the business offer of SFR cell phone operator). Les moments de solitude (moments of loneliness) highlights the importance for managers of being always reachable.

How can you live/survive for a minute if you haven't got your mobile with you? I will avoid answering the question... In any case, it's nice to see viral ideas for B2B marketing. I recommend visiting the videos (les films) which are rather amusing, while you can absolutely skip the advergame.

Clean it up

From Slovakia (via AdArena) a super funny commercial for dog owners. You might think it's just a viral for the Internet, but it has been actually broadcasted on TV.

The ad for the Municipality of Bratislava City has been created by Euro RSCG New Europe.

Blackberry marketing for Xerox

Brand Republic reports about "Business Colour", a branding campaign by Xerox to target BlackBerry users. Created in partnership with the Financial Times, the campaign delivers special ads to the users visiting the FT website for Blackberries.

Henrik Aagaard Bustrup, European advertising manager at Xerox commented: "The use of BlackBerries to extend the theme of our campaign with our key audience is an effective way of bringing colour to a business environment and not least be the first to use this medium demonstrating the innovative company Xerox is".

Lost: Cannes Gold Lion

Winning a Golden Lion in Cannes is a great thing. But loosing it on a beach is even better. Especially if you shot a video to tell everybody your award has disappeared somewhere in the sand. Have a look, great job by Farfar.

July 02, 2006
The pizza "voyeur"

One the winners of the recent Cannes Advertising Festival: Quorum/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi PerúPapa John's, pizza service. Instead of the annoying leaflets left in the mailbox, the agency came up with this intrusive yet original idea: a sticker attached right below the peephole with the image of a pizza boy plus, of course, the number to call.


The ad won the Gold Lion for the best use of alternative media in direct marketing.

Continue reading... "The pizza "voyeur""

What time is it?

An excellent example of demonstrative advertising by Jung Von Matt, Hamburg for IWC watches. Of course, given the prize of the product, the ad has been placed on a bus servicing at the airport, not on a "regular" city bus.


via A/D Goodness.

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