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The Wilderness Downtown

on August 31, 2010 by Mark Comments

Choreographed windows, interactive flocking, custom rendered maps, real-time compositing, procedural drawing, 3D canvas rendering… this Chrome Experiment has them all. “The Wilderness Downtown” is an interactive interpretation of Arcade Fire’s song “We Used To Wait” and was built entirely with the latest open web technologies, including HTML5 video, audio, and canvas.

Facebook vs Hamilton

on August 27, 2010 by Mark Comments

Vodafone is challenging F1 champion Lewis Hamilton, to race against the speed of it’s improved mobile data network in The Netherlands. To make it an actual challenge, Vodafone calls for 28.800 Facebook users to join the race in a virtual car on Facebook. The time it takes Vodafone’s network to download all of their profile pics, is the time to beat for Hamilton. The actual race will take place on a secret track – Schiphol is rumored – on the 13th of september. The race will be aired live on Facebook.

Interactive Twitter Murals

on August 20, 2010 by Mark Comments

US citizens going to Canada because they met some touchable giant screens showing updates from canadian citizens that upload stuff about their own country, i like that! (via Blogilvy)

Schweppes Geiser

on August 20, 2010 by Mark Comments

Schweppes transformed the geiser of Paco de Arcos (Portugal) into an installation, pretty cool: (via Briefing)

Chatroulette strikes back

on August 19, 2010 by Mark Comments

Although the hype is gone…, you still remember of Chatroulette, don’t you? If not, let me tell you that it’s still alive and yet there are some brands (a couple of examples here) using its random nature to connect with people out there. The first one is this action to promote “The last exorcism” movie:

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Old Spice “Responses” campaign

on August 4, 2010 by Mark Comments

W+K released this case-study video on the Old Spice “Responses” campaign that took ad-world by storm a couple of weeks ago: Extremely well told, there must already be some gold and titanium awaiting to be delivered to Portland. BTW, loving the current layout of W+K’s site also. (via Creativity) UPDATE: looks like W+K asked Youtube to remove the video, there is still a copy in the link above

Converse tries to be back

on August 4, 2010 by Mark Comments

Although not in the spotlight in latest times, i’ve always liked Converse, kind of classy for me since the days i started to follow NBA (both Magic and Bird wore Converse). Now they’re owned by Nike and they’re trying to come back with some interesting efforts, like their new site done by R/GA and released today. There i found many product-related stuff, like i.e. how to customize some Chuck Taylor shoes, but also some valuable brand content, like “All summer”, a video i saw a couple of weeks ago at Computerlove (by Anomaly New York and done by Psyop) Guess some things never die and only need a little push to be back

Sly takes over YouTube

on August 4, 2010 by Mark Comments

It’s hard to find new and entertaining ways for a YouTube takeover, but this interview with Sylvester Stallone on his new movie Expendables definitly is. Ok, the destroy thing is not so new, but the interview concept, the integration with the related video’s, the pause button and the ‘don’t forget to share’ part are great. This interview is over!.

Bacardi “True originals”

on July 28, 2010 by Mark Comments

A misterious character is looking for the world’s best bartender in this series of beautiful short-films from Bacardi, True Originals. Here is the second one, “The Hummingbird”, check the previous link to see updates and more content. (via LatinSpots)

Mad Men is back

on July 27, 2010 by Mark Comments

The season premiere for every new season of Mad Men tv series is the key to a lot of efforts, that grow bigger as the audience of the series. So if last year it was about madmenizing ourselves, this year we’ve found other stuff, such as: + a periodic table of Mad Men references, to stay updated of everything’s going on (via Flavorwire) + a job interview to find out which job could you be hired at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce + a funny Jib Jab sendable video where you can put-your-picture in a 3-minute piece that tells about the whole story and its characters + Even a webinar reviewing different marketing topics and present both the 1960′s point of view (by Sterling Cooper) and the 2010 point of view (by HubSpot).

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