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RayBan again

on January 13, 2010 by Mark Comments

For two years now, RayBan is looking for viral success with it’s Never Hide Films. All of them weird, funny, bizar and/or shocking, and all low branded with just an integrated Never Hide note. Huge viral succes came for films like Guy catches sunglasses with his face, Cow gives birth to a dude and Super Chameleon. It didn’t came for films like Human Zoo and The Kiss. But overall you can easily say RayBan is very successfull reaching a broad, worldwide online crowd spreading the Never Hide message. Yesterday, film number 20 was released. This time it’s a guy getting a RayBan tattoo.

All the Uniqlo projects

on January 11, 2010 by Mark Comments

A fantastic resource, a compilation of all the Uniqlo digital projects from 2007. (via @FWA)

Audi’s suicide commercial

on January 7, 2010 by Mark Comments

Exactly four years after the controversial but very viral VW suicide bomber, Audi walks the same tricky road. A funny but disturbing commercial shows a man trying to kill himself in an Audi A5 TDi. Audi will probably deny being responsible, but that will make the video go even more viral. See for your self: update: Audi claims a violation of it’s trademark and urged YouTube to remove all copies. Here’s Adland’s version: update 2: Adland has nothing to do with the production of this ad. They are simply hosting the video.

French art of loving

on January 6, 2010 by Mark Comments

I don’t know if that’s the best possible ending for such expectation as it was created during 10 days, but it looks interesting to me the way that Aubade used to create some buzz for the launch of their new site, using a girl wearing one of the corsets that they produce: (thx Mattt!)

Take it to the next level at Firstborn

on January 6, 2010 by Mark Comments

I love Firstborn‘s work since the days of the first Yigal-Azrouel site. Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me this fantastic spoof of the Nike ad, where they’re looking for interns: (thx David Vale!)

Your line of fans

on January 6, 2010 by Mark Comments

This one is a one from us that we did last autumn for Rexona Teens, a deodorant for teenagers that, being always the same product, changes its tagline every year, “Dance and teens”, “Love and teens” or, in this case “Fans and teens”. To support this last one we created a little promo using a Facebook app called “Your line of fans”, that allows you to show if you’re a better fan than others, and you’re required to create the longest line to support your favorite artist, inviting your friends to be formed in your line (and then the friends of your friends), so you could use the line to try it to be the longest and also to meet new friends that share with you the same interest in that artist. In the end, the longest line (whoever the artist is) could get some tickets to attend some shows from that artist (looks like Jonas Brothers rule for teens) Here’s a little video explaining the project:

Tony Hawk and the skateboard controller

on January 6, 2010 by Mark Comments

The new Tony Hawk videogame, “Tony Hawk Ride”, comes with a new controller that allows even your dog skateboarding now: A great piece of work by Droga5, and a standing ovation to Tillman, the skateboarding bulldog (famous because of this) (via

Mistery of the tree

on January 5, 2010 by Mark Comments

13 Rue del Percebe (13, Barnacle Street) (an example here) has been one of the most traditional examples of surreal humor in Spain for ages. Following that kind of humor, Orange Spain released an interesting project (done by Binaria) last Christmas called “El misterio del arbol” (“Mistery of the tree”), a series of animated episodes where some characters living in the same neighborhood have to find out who has stolen the Christmas tree.

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The Playboy Interview: Marshall McLuhan

on January 5, 2010 by Mark Comments

This morning i came upon (via @pedroramirez, digital director at Grey Mexico) a fantastic link, an old Marshall McLuhan’s interview published at Playboy Magazine in 1969. With assertions such as “Effective study of the media deals not only with the content of the media but with the media themselves and the total cultural environment within which the media function”, the text is as interesting and (surprisingly) contemporary as it gets in many aspects of our current environment.

Night lights

on January 5, 2010 by Mark Comments

As in the fantastic Big Shadow project, another good example that “interactive” doesn’t mean “in front of the computer”: Night lights, by YesYesNo Looks like lots of fun and engage, more info and full credits and explanations here (via @JoshuaDavis)

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