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Ford Mustang 2010

on August 11, 2009 by Mark Comments

When something is as desirable as muscle cars (for many people) it’s a good move on the side of the brand building a community around that thing that everybody wants, and that’s exactly what Firstborn has done for the new version of Ford Mustang, the 2010 one. Presenting a very powerful car-configuration tool, you can customize a template Ford Mustang the way you want or even customizing collaborating in real time with some people, in the end it’s about “experiencing” the car and also sharing it to the gallery (almost 2k submissions in a week) or, the main purpose for sport cars fans, downloading the image to use it as a wallpaper. The site also contains some other features, as Mustang stories, a store locator or getting what is being talked about the car outside, in a new example of that way of building things we talked a while ago, conforming the place to go to know everything you want about the Mustang world.

Ride Oregon

on August 11, 2009 by Mark Comments

Whether you like biking or not, you have to check this beautiful website called Ride Oregon (and done by Substance) Built for Travel Oregon agency with the intention on becoming the center of cycling in Oregon (US) and the best place in the country to ride a bike, it also works as a fantastic resource to do some tourism and visiting the whole state.

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Dunkin’ Run: be a hero through donuts

on August 11, 2009 by Mark Comments

In this new era of applications, Dunkin’ Donuts released a really cool one called “Dunkin’ Run”. Probably you know how complicated is ordering coffe for a group of people in an organized way. Using this app, you can become a “runner” while they fill what they want and then get yours and your friend’s goods from the general Dunkin’ Donuts menu, you can see a little video explaining how it works. What appears interesting to me (besides the obvious use) is the way in which the application spreads, not only by using or because someone recommended, but also by ordering something when a friend of yours is the runner and asks you if you want him to pick some coffee for you.

Volkswage EOS: The Open Cage

on August 11, 2009 by Mark Comments

I’m always amazed of the quality and consistency of brazilian Almap BBDO‘s work. Their latest one is this interactive film to advertise the new Volkswagen EOS. The story is about “a car, a destination and some other little things in the middle of the road for you to solve”, making this woman the star of the film while her car it’s followed by some birds creepier than Hitchcock’s. Told in an interesting way that shows every benefit from the car itself, it makes me think in how they’re going to submit this into festivals. Is it a microsite, an online branded content or an online video? While discussing about it they also released a little blog where you can see how the whole video was done. (thx Sergio!)

User generated content that reaches people

on August 11, 2009 by Mark Comments

A couple of interesting examples of user generated content that really touched me last week. The first one, probably you’ve seen this before, one of the best wedding entrances ever: The funny thing about that is that the sales of the song, Chris Brown’s “Forever” have skyrocketed since then (thx Fer!)

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Nike Football: Fernando Torres’ GPS

on August 10, 2009 by Mark Comments

(via v.falcon)

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Pringles banner

on August 7, 2009 by Mark Comments

I love some banners when they are not intended to drive traffic to any place but being a message/experience by themselves, i guess clickthrough and some other metrics for efectiveness become relative at this point. A month ago I saw this extraordinary banner at Bannerblog. Needless to explain how well executed is that “once you pop you can’t stop” motto and also a great demonstration on how important having a great copywriter helps writing ads (click on the image to see it)

CP+B’s interns rap

on August 5, 2009 by Mark Comments

Crispin Porter + Boguksy’s 38 summer interns distill the humbling, often humiliating experience down to a tidy four minutes in this rap video.

via AdFreak.

Sara’s secret: Stop vegetable abuse

on August 4, 2009 by Mark Comments

I’ve never been involved in a brief for an erotic shop, must be exciting, this ad for Sara’s secret made me laugh a lot: I think the agency is Dieste (thx Manuela!)

New Gen Coal

on July 31, 2009 by Mark Comments

Not the most creative site in history… but… This site explains how the Australian coal industry is taking action to help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions while providing secure energy for Australia and the world.

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