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Ultimate KitKat break

on January 28, 2008 by Mark Comments

Animated short movies to promote your brand. It’s relatively new and can be, at least in terms of viral spread, very successful seeing Coca-Cola’s Happiness Factory and Wilkinson’s Fight For Kisses. KitKat France got the message and created their own animated short about a young office boy looking for the ultimate break.

Via Culture Buzz

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Meet The Pixels

on January 7, 2008 by Mark Comments

FOXTEL in Australia has launched a new website to try and educate people on High Definition TV. Most HD sites are a mix of techie content and hard to understand diagrams. The Foxtel concept is all about entertainment with some deeper content for the techies should they want it. It’s all about the pixels on your screen and how they are freaking out with the impending loss of space once HD arrives.

Christmas wish from Christvertising

on December 20, 2007 by Mark Comments

The US is known for taking their Christian believe very serious. But this initiative from Aberdeen tops it all. Check out the Christvertising website and learn about their brand targeted prayer which involves millions of people pray for your brand. Here’s Christvertisings Christmas wish.

Fireworks from Holland

on December 14, 2007 by Mark Comments

It’s tradition in Holland to light up loads of individual fireworks during New Years eve. Due to this fact, a lot of accidents happen. The Dutch government called in the ‘Liberation Army Against Freedom‘ to warn for the dangers of fireworks. And the Dutch have heard the message: over half a million people watched the movies within a week time. Campaign by Selmore, production by Comrad, seeding by Pool

AOL News: Where are they now?

on December 13, 2007 by Mark Comments

How to get easy viewers for your viral message? Combine three recent internet hypes in one video. And that’s exactly what AOL News just did. Dont Tase Me Bro, Miss Teen USA and Chris Crocker meet up in a shop. See what happens.

Amnesty’s online demonstration

on December 5, 2007 by Mark Comments

In the Netherlands, Amnesty International just released a new platform where you can demonstrate for human rights. At the platform you’ll find a virtual square where you can add your own avatar to show your involvement. It’s in Dutch, but you’ll get the message. Goal is to get specific attention for five victims of human rights violations on the international Human Rights Day, which is annually held on the 10th of December.

Thanks to Jort from Qi for sending this in.


on December 5, 2007 by Mark Comments

This feels good… (and it’s a very cool site!!). This site via Tracey in London is designed to get people to do stuff using what we already do, use social software. widgets, a flickr photo gallery, links to social networks, slideshow etc… I think they’re trying to avoid telling people stuff they already know and make them actively do something, that’s why it’s UNsubscribe rather than subscribe which is what every other charity asks you to do. So basically it’s a movement that believes everybody deserves basic human rights no matter what their beliefs or what they are alleged to have done. A movement that feels accepting such immoral, illegal, even barbaric actions, undermines the society they live and believe in. It’s Christmas hey, so take a look

Christmas Ads Have Started

on November 29, 2007 by Mark Comments

John Lewis is a UK online and offline retailer. I’ve just been in the UK and saw this spot and thought is was really clever and unexpected – in fact the first time I saw it I actually didn’t even know what was going on until the very end. Anyway I thought it was a nice idea which was executed very well. The second spot I found on youtube is a behind the scenes ‘making of’. I believe Lowe London were the agency responsible.

Shave Everywhere 2

on November 27, 2007 by Mark Comments

Philips has launched the second version of their successful site . It’s a completely different approach to the first version and concentrates on the Second Puberty & You theme. A lengthy intro video shows a businessman in his bathroom who discovers a long hair coming out of his nose and he freaks out. It’s funny to start with but gets a bit tedious after a while. The gags are also not that new or funny.

An online pamphlet, using cartoon animation, goes on to describe the effects of second puberty and how to overcome it – using the Philips products of course.

I found this site to be useful in explaining the product benefits but also feel like it falls short of the originality of the first version.

Mr. T goes WoW

on November 22, 2007 by Mark Comments

Once again we see former A-team member Mr. T in an advertisement. This time he appears in a World of Warcraft TV Commercial playing as a Night Elf warrior with a mohawk. It’s bizarre to see how popular this video is. While being released yesterday it already got over 150 copies on YouTube. Update: William ‘Captain Kirk’ Shatner is also playing WoW Via

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