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Schweppes Balloons

on April 25, 2008 by Mark Comments

I love this ad – done in Australia for Schweppes. If that’s how it explodes when pouring the stuff into your glass then I am getting some!

Greenpeace vs Unilever

on April 22, 2008 by Mark Comments

Greenpeace just released an interesting spoof on the popular Dove Onslaught commercial. (on)Slaughter reminds us that “Unilever, the makers of Dove beauty products, are buying palm oil from suppliers who destroy Indonesia’s rainforests.” Read here what Greenpeace has to say about Unilever.

Update: There is also a Dutch version available

Sony Foam City

on April 14, 2008 by Mark Comments

Agency Fallon London once again managed to create a lot of buzz around an upcoming Sony commercial. This time they used foam in the streets of Miami to create an unreal scene. The commercial is for Sony’s digital camera’s. The commercial is out there now and will be aired worldwide.

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Damn Fuc**ing Tasty

on March 28, 2008 by Mark Comments

In Holland, New York Pizza launched a series of commercials to promote their quality pizza’s. Responsible agency Selmore came up with some fun spoofs on Italian Mafia movies like Scarface. Great timewasters on this lazy friday.

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Lynx Anti Soap Squad

on March 19, 2008 by Mark Comments

Lynx have made male soap use a crime in Australia and created a squad of beautiful women charged with reducing male soap use and turning guys on to Lynx Shower Gel. The website launches with a contest where guys can dob in mates who use soap, posting their friends on the wall of shame. It also features a 2 minute web film showing the squad in action.

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Play With The City

on March 13, 2008 by Mark Comments

Following the successful and multi award winning Nissan Qashqai ‘skateboard’ commercial, the car manufacturer just released the sequel. In this new ad the city literally comes to live with urban titans testing the Urban Proof statement. Pretty cool, if you ask me. There are also a making off and some interviews available. Agency is TBWA\London.

Fila Vintage White Line

on March 12, 2008 by Mark Comments

Fila has produced a cool short online film, featuring its ambassadors Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan. The film starts as a typical British gangster film, but turns out to be a promotion for Fila’s Centre Court pre-distressed trainers. The film is produced by Red Bee Media.



on March 10, 2008 by Mark Comments

Last Friday the Australian Interactive Awards were held and HOST won the Best of the Best. It was a great site that allowed users to message friends/siblings in Oz to go home for a visit. The site integrated with outdoor billboards where New Zealander’s live in Oz.

Horseltest Red Cross

on March 6, 2008 by Mark Comments

The Showdown Interactive

on March 3, 2008 by Mark Comments

Sorry, this one is one of us, but I have to talk about it as we’ve spent so much time working on this lately…

Last year, One Show asked us to develop the image for their Interactive competition in 2008. As you may know, fighters have replaced Mariachis as the new mexican cliche and we tried to create a game with some mexican flavor, a bit nasty and that served as a place of reunion for designers, developers, creatives, art directors, etc. trying to have some fun and blood.

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