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Fila Vintage White Line

on March 12, 2008 by Mark Comments

Fila has produced a cool short online film, featuring its ambassadors Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan. The film starts as a typical British gangster film, but turns out to be a promotion for Fila’s Centre Court pre-distressed trainers. The film is produced by Red Bee Media.



on March 10, 2008 by Mark Comments

Last Friday the Australian Interactive Awards were held and HOST won the Best of the Best. It was a great site that allowed users to message friends/siblings in Oz to go home for a visit. The site integrated with outdoor billboards where New Zealander’s live in Oz.

Horseltest Red Cross

on March 6, 2008 by Mark Comments

The Showdown Interactive

on March 3, 2008 by Mark Comments

Sorry, this one is one of us, but I have to talk about it as we’ve spent so much time working on this lately…

Last year, One Show asked us to develop the image for their Interactive competition in 2008. As you may know, fighters have replaced Mariachis as the new mexican cliche and we tried to create a game with some mexican flavor, a bit nasty and that served as a place of reunion for designers, developers, creatives, art directors, etc. trying to have some fun and blood.

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on March 3, 2008 by Mark Comments

Once upon a time in the West… Toke Nygaard from K10K got his laptop broken, and so it was that the entrance to the portal became a page with a picture of that broken laptop and asking people to collaborate so that he could buy a new one… and he got it!

And then there’s the story of the guy who, exchanging things, turned a red clip into a house. Last year, John Grden from Rock On Flash and core member of the Papervision 3D team asked something similar so that he could work on improving the performance of the famous 3D engine on a Mac, and it only took a couple of weeks to get the money through Paypal. In the end, these situations follow the same pattern, some kind of “together we can”, that now has been blended with these viral times of us.

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Axe Pulse Tester

on February 28, 2008 by Mark Comments

Another great Axe campaign, this time from Mexico.

Split the Risk

on February 27, 2008 by Mark Comments

A refreshing Dutch online video game to raise awareness among youngsters for the risks they might take. The game checks how in control you are by sending out subliminal messages during intense videos about daily life situations. Remember the words and you can head to the next of five levels.

The game is part of a bigger campaign that includes a TV show on Dutch MTV channel TMF. Responsible agency is NOISE.

KLM: Stop the Hassle

on February 27, 2008 by Mark Comments

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines recently launched a Pan-European campaign called ‘Stop The Hassle‘. The micro-website, based on a ‘user generated content’ concept, should raise awareness around and their hassle-free service. You can see the teaser video below. Responsible agency is TribalDDB. The campaign is not really my cup-of-tea, but I can imagine that some people can’t wait to share their hassles. What do you think? Please leave your opinion in the comments.

Old School Virals Return

on February 26, 2008 by Mark Comments

In a return to old school virals ActionAid UK, have launched a viral campaign that allows their supporters to digitally dress up and make their own animation. It is designed to drive sign-ups to the ActionAid WhoPays? campaign, which is looking to put pressure on the government for tighter regulation of how UK supermarkets deal with producers in developing countries.

The viral, featuring comedians Bill Bailey and Katy Brand, encourages people to get involved by uploading a photo of themselves, and dressing up as a banana, cashew nut or pear for a fight (in the style of their choice) with some supermarket trollies! The activity was conceived by digital creative agency Nonsense

Inside North Kingdom

on February 25, 2008 by Mark Comments

So, i guess this is my first post here, thanks Martina… and hi mom! Not a project actually, but days after the launch of the very impressive Coke Zero Game my good friend Paulo found this really nice video about how’s the life inside North Kingdom:

colmeia na gringa | estocolmo | episodio 1 from eduardo camargo on Vimeo

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