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Amazon: misleading title

on July 23, 2003 by Martina Comments

On CnnMoney I read this article’s title: Amazon expands free shipping in Europe. Great, I said, I won’t have to pay for shipping the tons of dvd and books I usually from every couple of months! Well, it’s not exactly like that:

“Online retailer expanded its free shipping offer in the United Kingdom in a move to boost its overseas customer base and meet its international sales targets, the company said Wednesday.”

Well, the UK is just the UK, Europe is something different, don’t deceive me

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The ads that will affect your life

on July 23, 2003 by Martina Comments

Google will provide target advertising and web search to The news is reported in a press release on Biz Yahoo!. I’m always astonished by reading the high-sounding declarations that usually come with these business deals, and makes no exception by saying through Joe Fiveash, senior vice president of Product and Business Development:

“ wants to present our users with information that is the most relevant to them. By adding Google’s search services, we make finding information about any topic just as easy as finding out how the weather will affect your life.”

Wow, these guys are soooo nice to users, they really care about them and their life… Please, don’t forget business is… business, not charity!

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America’s key influentials are online

on July 22, 2003 by Martina Comments

America’s “Influentials” — a demographic of business networkers, news junkies and community movers and shakers — prefer the Internet to any other media for acquiring their daily information, according to a new study that you can read about on Adage.

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on July 22, 2003 by Martina Comments

Do you want to build brand awareness and drive traffic to your Web site? Ask streakers to “wear” your ad tattoos. This is the idea of, online gaming provider, that has decided to use unconventional marketing tools like streakers hanging out at British Open and World Swimming Championships. Did someone say that online companies lack of creativity? You can read more on Yahoo! News.

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ING Direct new online campaign

on July 21, 2003 by Martina Comments

ING Direct has launched its newest television commercial on CBS MarketWatch. The :30 second spot will be carried on the site’s story pages for the next two weeks, before beginning a run on network television. In the press release, it’s nice to read the (interested) opinion of Scot McLernon, EVP Sales & Marketing,

“ING DIRECT is a terrific partner to be blazing new ground with us in the online advertising space. This campaign will give them the ability to reach our highly-valued audience with television creative during the middle of the business day. They are the first major advertiser that we’re aware of who has embraced an opportunity like this to create buzz with television creative online first, before launching on network television. It shows that they truly believe in the online medium.”

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Findwhat announces record second quarter results

on July 21, 2003 by Martina Comments

Guess what? Findwhat a leading developer and provider of performance-based marketing services for the Internet, today reported record financial results for the three and six months ending June 30, 2003. Revenue in Q2 2003 increased 80% versus Q2 2002, and was more than $500,000 ahead of the Company’s most recent projections. has increased revenue sequentially for 15 consecutive quarters. You can learn more about it reading through the press release on Business Wire.

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NetRatings expands in Europe

on July 21, 2003 by Martina Comments

NetRatings wants to expand into the European market. They have announced the acquisition of NetCrawling S.A., which offers an online advertising monitoring service. The news is reported by IAR that also reports some opinions to explain that the market for online advertising intelligence has just started to develop and appears to be particularly interesting to follow.

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Buy a New Beetle, get an iPod

on July 18, 2003 by Martina Comments

Dawn Anfuso reports about a new agreement between Volkswagen and Apple to launch on the market the 2003 New Beetle with a complimentary iPod. The news is featured on iMediaConnection in Promo to Watch, in which is said that the campaign will start this week with promotions all through America, both online and offline.

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DealTime Launches ROI Tool

on July 17, 2003 by Martina Comments

Shopping search engine DealTime has released a ROI Tracker, a free tool for advertisers to track their conversion and sales metrics. The ROI Tracker gives three metrics: conversion-to-click ratios, conversion-to-sales ratios, and costs of sales (Internet News talks about it today). We can really say that search engine technology providers are really working hard to make people talk about them. There’s still a big business out there to be exploited. Search technology is particulary important to e-commerce web sites, and I believe it’s interesting to notice how search function efficiency is often underestimated by them or, at least, not considered as important as it should be. Adage talked also about the huge search engine business a couple of days ago. The focus in this case was on search engines and advertising, saying that Sponsored Internet search engine ads spurred more than $200 million in online travel sales and more than 2 million financial services application submission according to new research by the IAB.

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Mosquito repelling ringtones

on July 12, 2003 by Martina Comments

Someone says marketers are lacking creativity. Well, after reading today’s news on CNETAsia I have to dissent. A brilliant (?!) marketer at SK Telecom, a Korean cell phone service provider, has invented a mosquito repelling tone. For 3,000 won (US$2.50), users can download a sound file which is inaudible to the human ear but helps ward off mosquitoes within a one-meter radius, the firm said. Well, I don’t know if it works for mosquitos, but I’m sure this announcement creates a “buzz”

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