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Net A Porter Window Shopping

on January 26, 2012 by Tim Comments

To celebrate the launch of ‘Karl’ by Karl Lagerfeld, a range available exclusively at Net-a-Porter, the online fashion giant produced a real window shopping experience. Fashionistas are invited to come to shop fronts in Paris, New York, London, Munich and Sydney. There they can use the Net-A-Porter mobile app to scan, inspect and buy the hottest items. Read more…

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androp: World.Words.Lights.

on January 25, 2012 by Tim Comments

Japanese agency PARTY have created another stunning music video-robotics crossover, again for androp. Interestingly, you can purchase the hero robot (singer?) as part of alimited edition on eBay. If you can spare $5,000 that is. Read more…

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Barbarian Group: The first 10 years

on January 20, 2012 by Tim Comments

I think an agency has a good culture when it can lay stuff bare. Look back on the successes as well as the weird things that happened along the way. An example of this would be Barbarian Group. They are the creators of (amongst many other things) the legendary ‘Subservient Chicken” and have celebrated their first 10 years with this little online album.

Read more…

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Nike Jordan: Quick Controls Chaos

on January 17, 2012 by Tim Comments

Be ready for the next stage of interactive video. The Nike Jordan brand launches Chris Paul’s newest shoe, the CP3.V with this live action street court. Chris’s pace and game skills turn the situation into chaos and you can circle the action in a near 180-degree arc. Read more…

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Museum of Me (again)

on January 16, 2012 by Tim Comments

Our fellow interactive design and advertising bloggers FWA have crowned their site of the year 2011. We wrote about it back in May. Since so many well-respected jurors were easily in agreement, and because it is an inspiration for being in this business, here is the quite artistic case study of Intel’s Museum of Me. Read more…

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Crash Weddings like a Pro

on January 10, 2012 by Tim Comments

R/GA’s Eric Schlakman has come up with an evil genius app that might change the face of many wedding parties to come. Using publicly available data from wedding directories ‘Crash Corsage’ lets you find weddings in your vicinity, tells you the couple’s names, a few details about how they met and the required dress code. Read more…

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Infographic: Compare Apples to Apples

on January 9, 2012 by Tim Comments

Just when you thought Infographics had eaten temselves (infographics about infographics), in comes a new version. Compare something in quite a left-field way: real apples with (computer) apples. Read more…

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Heineken opens your QR world

on January 5, 2012 by Tim Comments

Wearing a slogan on your t-shirt is so passé. This summer Heineken Poland have used customised QR codes to let you say what needs to be said. Punters at the Heineken Open’er Music Festival were able to get personal statements encoded and turned into QR code stickers. Other festival guests could then scan the codes and strike up a conversation based on the statements. Read more…

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Drugs on a Facebook Timeline

on January 5, 2012 by Tim Comments

McCann Digital has used Facebook’s new timeline in an interesting way. For Israel’s Anti-Drug Authority they told the story of fictional character Adam Barak’s two lives: one getting addicted to drugs, one staying clean. In a ‘split page’ style you can retrace Adam’s choices and stages of demise (or happiness). Read more…

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Samsung Galaxy Note goes street

on January 3, 2012 by Tim Comments

In order to promote the Galaxy Note (a smartphone and tablet rolled into one), Samsung’s in-house agency Cheil have teamed up with Notasso, a street artist from Barcelona. Since the Galaxy Note is a good tool to create drawings, this Facebook campaign lets you create your very own ‘Notasso’. Read more…

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