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Dynamite Cupcakes for Acer

on August 23, 2012 by Tim Comments

The battle for the Ultrabook market is heating up. And Acer thought it was time to bring in the big guns, aka Jack Bauer aka Kiefer Sutherland. And besides blowing shit up and intimidating people Jack/Kiefer has another deep passion: Cupcakes. Read more…

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5 Ideas Trapping The Advertising Industry Right Now

on August 21, 2012 by Tim Comments

I recently read and liked this post on structuring your culture for innovation by Mark Pollard, VP Brand Strategy at Big Spaceship. And being the top bloke that he is, Mark agreed to take these thoughts a bit further and write this exclusive Adverblog post. In it he challenges us all on five ideas that hold back a lot of good advertisers.

Read more…

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adidas UK: Don’t Stop Me Now

on August 13, 2012 by Tim Comments

16 days of intense competitions around Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in London are over. And to send us off into the ‘Time after The Olympics’ adidas UK have produced this fun little video in record time. It features many stars of Team GB miming Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’. A nice and warm way to remind us of the joy and humanity of the events. Read more…

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Student’s Corner: Man-eater

on August 10, 2012 by Tim Comments

For four years, each day Daniel Disselkoen took the same tram to art academy. Why would you then look out the window with curiosity when there is no reason to expect anything new? He decided to change the daily journey for his fellow passengers and himself. Read more…

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Huge Labs: Togather

on August 6, 2012 by Tim Comments

Do you work in digital and do you occasionally have a great idea that could be more than just a piece of communication? Something that could be its own product, and (gasp) even a business? Welcome to Huge Labs, an incubator type section of successful digital agency Huge. Check out the freshly released trailer for their first venture: Togather. Read more…

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tshirtOS is world’s first programmable Tshirt

on August 2, 2012 by Tim Comments

Lovely bit of fashion geekery from Work Club, Cutecirctuit and Ballantine’s. TshirtOS is the world’s first wearable, sharable, programmable t-shirt. A working, digital t-shirt that can be programmed by an iOS app to do whatever you can think of. Read more…

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Agency Showreel: SoDA

on August 1, 2012 by Tim Comments

This is a monster-showreel of some of the best digital work seen recently. The Society of Digital Agencies spans 25 countries and 5 continents to include many well-known heavy weights of the digital agency landscape. This is their combined showreel. Read more…

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Your Life with a new Nissan

on July 31, 2012 by Tim Comments

Nissan Australia is promoting their fleet by offering you a glimpse into your own future. In ’FlashForward’ you Facebook-connect and answer a few (nicely animated) questions on your lifestyle. Nissan then determines which model from their range suits you and lets you peruse a Facebook-like stream of your own future, hopefully with a new Nissan in it. Read more…

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The Big Beckham Surprise

on July 27, 2012 by Tim Comments

Adidas has recently created two similarly cool retail activations in Amsterdam and London, surprising shoppers with guest appearances by popular football players. In both cities, fans were in (positive) shock, making for some entertaining videos. Read more…

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Olympic Light Games

on July 26, 2012 by Tim Comments

Resn in Auckland have created these beautiful Light Games, a series of 7 online sports games, to coincide with the London Olympics 2012. And they blew me away in terms of screen design, dynamic visuals and gameplay. It’s your time to shine: have a go, you won’t be disapoointed. Read more…

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