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Evian: “Detox” campaign online

on January 7, 2004 by Martina Comments

In Evian’s Detox campaign 2004, tens of thousands of bottles of water have been delivered free to households in the UK, to help the nation starting the new year with a detox after a festive season of excess. Evian’s campaign has been running online as well, with a one day special and a week of advertorial content on Msn UK. More about the online campaign on Revolution.

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New Year, new design, new features

on January 6, 2004 by Martina Comments

Starting today, Adverblog has a new layout. My brother did it. Thanks Marco! I hope you like it and that everything is working properly. If there’s any way I can improve it, please let me know: In the next days I’ll be adding a few more sections to the site: - Watch: where I’ll post online ads examples. - Read: where I’ll post my interviews to online advertising/marketing people. - Play: where I’ll post special links to web and wireless games and competitions. I will also start a weekly newsletter… If you’re interested, keep tuned!

Enpocket and Orange, winning mobile marketing

on January 3, 2004 by Martina Comments

Orange and Enpocket were awarded for their two-way SMS campaign to drive subscriptions to Orange�s Open Access mobile Internet service in the �Email / Mobile� category at the annual DMA Awards 2003. As explained in the press release, the campaign, which was aimed to drive customer awareness and understanding of Orange�s new services, had a 14% response rate.

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It’s predictions time!

on December 31, 2003 by Martina Comments

What will happen to online advertising in 2004? Very very good question… To find a few answers, read the article by Janis Mara on IAR. The market should grow, bringing a differentiation between online marketing investments in branding and direct marketing, as Nate Elliot, analyst at Jupiter Research, explains. There’s also a lot of confidence in the growth of search engine advertising, as confirmed on the New York Times, dedicating an article to the matter (More Businesses Are Turning to Paid Listings on Search Engines). I guess I should have an opinion myself. Well, I obviously tend to agree with the idea that online advertising will grow in 2004, since this will represent a natural evolution of the market. However I wish this growth won’t be just a rush to adapt to the mainstream but, on the contrary, a conscious development towards creativity and quality.

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It’s better with the Butterfly

on December 30, 2003 by Martina Comments

Microsoft is ready to launch a new version of its MSN, with a new advertising campaign, that includes print, television and online media. “It’s better with the butterfly” claims MSN, which seeks to inform people about the benefits of the new MSN and entice them to experience the value that these services can add to their online activities. MSN will feature several home-page takeover ads as well as other rich media ads displayed on partners sites as well. Della Quimby, account director of Avenue A, the agency that partnered with MSN for the online creative said:

“The sophistication of today’s digital marketing landscape offers an array of innovative ways to reach consumers online. MSN is pushing the envelope with its ad elements and media mix, while at the same time focusing on delivering the right message to the right audience. In our latest online effort, we’re focused more than ever on reaching today’s broadband audience. The new MSN is a compelling new product for this high-speed enthusiast.”

Further details about the ad campaign strategy are unveiled in a press release available today on Biz Yahoo!.

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I’m dreaming of a… “wireless” Christmas

on December 29, 2003 by Martina Comments

More than 600 millions SMS have been sent in Italy last week to wish “Merry Christmas”, while the MMS have been 20 millions. The news is reported by, quoting numbers estimated by Telefono Blu. I confess it. Given the Vodafone Christmas card promotion, I sent more than 30 SMS myself, and I’ll probably do the same on January 1st.

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Teens, Santa Clause and the mobile phones

on December 29, 2003 by Martina Comments

Sounds like the title of a fairy tale, but the story of teens, Santa Clause and the mobile phones it’s simply in the results of a survey, commissioned by Cingular to investigate the relationship between US teenagers and cell phones. As explained last week on eMarketer, “nearly 50% of respondents said they want wireless phones to help them stay in touch with family and friends, a percentage that rises from 33% who said the same in 2001.”

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Integrated campaign for Amanti

on December 29, 2003 by Martina Comments

If you’re Italian, don’t get me wrong, “Amanti” it’s simply the name of a new large sedan by Kia Motors America. If you are not Italian, let me explain that “Amanti” in Italy means “lovers” and/or “mistresses”. Anyway, the news is that Kia Motors America will launch an integrated ad campaign for “Amanti”, taking advantage of Tv, print and the Internet. The story is published on BrandWeek, but no detail is reported about the online creative, so it’s just interesting to note that automakers now the Internet as a consistent part of their advertising mix. [30.12] update: I was wrong, you can actually find details on the online creative on IAR.

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Merry Christmas

on December 25, 2003 by Martina Comments

Life (fortunately) is not only about advertising… Merry Christmas everybody!

BMW: simple but effective

on December 24, 2003 by Martina Comments

Joseph Jaffe on iMediaConnection analyses the latest banner campaign by BMW, the brand finally delivering in the online space, using a “message short and sweet and intended to be just that”.

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