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New Google Toolbar blocks pop-up and Mac users

on June 29, 2003 by adverblog Comments

Last week Google has launched Google Toolbar 2.0. It presents some new features like a pop-up blocker, and a Blog-this button that will work for Blogger users. The announced problem with the pop-up blocker is that it blocks every kind of pop-ups, not just the advertising ones. Furthermore it will not be able to stop Gator advertising. The polemics on the new Toolbar go further if we look at the blog-this feature that has raised a lot of concern between blogging services and technology providers in competition with Blogger. I really look forward to test it, however I will have to wait until Monday, when I get back to work. The new toolbar in fact doesn’t work on Mac. Like many other people, I’m a big Google fan, however I have been really disappointed by the lack of consideration for Mac users´┐Ż

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