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JWT and The Future of Men

on August 24, 2005 by Martina Comments

Remove from your mind the stereotypes connected to advertising targeting men. The time for sexy ads is over: the new masculinity requires a different approach. In an upcoming book, JWT Worldwide unveils the “M-ness” a new form of masculinity that combines the best of traditional manliness with traits traditionally associated with females. The Future of Men suggests a new “reinvented” way of looking at the men’s market, with more balance and less stereotypical solutions. Marian Salzman, JWT Executive Vice President, Director of Strategic Content, explains (with quite a lot of emphasis) the point:

“All too often in the marketing arena, we’re portraying man as the victim — of his sexual organ or his lust, his emotional neediness, his overinflated ego, or his sheer ineptitude. Our goal at JWT is to do a better job of emphasizing attributes that the modern man already possesses or might wish to emulate. Instead of relying on lowest-common-denominator, stereotypical solutions, we are striving to depict ‘balanced men,’ ‘men of the world with conscience,’ and other positive portrayals of men.”

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