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Meet Patapon, a “dangerous” game while at work

on July 27, 2009 by Mark Comments

When i first saw “Sony Bravia’s Play-doh” the first thing i though was “it could be done in 3D but it’s much cooler doing it by hand”.

This is not new, but i wanted you to know this game just in case you don’t know it yet because i think it’s absolutely awesome because of a someway similar thinking. Patapon is a PSP game in which you play God for the Patapons, little lovely tribal creatures searching for a new life and new lands at the end of the Earth. Your mission is to recruit them and make them facing some dangers and bizarre creatures. Not a hell of a plot, but which is remarkable to me is the way of interacting with the game, Patapons march to the sound of some drums controlled by little key-combos that you have to type in the right time and in the right order. So when the second part was about to be released, what’s better to advertise it than giving people a little taste of what the game’s about doing a Flash mini-version?

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