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Sim City Let’s All Be Mayor

on March 3, 2013 by Mark Comments

Let’s All Be Mayor, an online interactive event where you get to vote on the fate of a new SimCity every day for seven days. It’s time to test your mayoral skills as you lead a city at its breaking point. Get ready to make critical decisions for a city on the brink—before crime, pollution, city-wide sickness and angry protestors take you down. Think you can keep your cool under pressure like this? Read more…

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Sim City DS, the advergame

on August 17, 2007 by Martina Comments

A couple of months ago we posted about the advergame Electrocity, an educational version “made in New Zealand”, of the popular Sim City. Now it’s time to speak again about Sim City, a game we have been playing and playing since 1989, that Electronic Arts has recently re-released for Nintendo DS. To support the launch, they’ve created a multi-language site that features the history of the game, some videos and a mini-game for hardcore fans. The site is very well designed, and the game is worth playing since it’s a combination of Tetris and Sim City: fun, difficult therefore addictive (my top score is 9865…). Too bad the loading functionalities haven’t been properly programmed, you get stuck with the XML content not loaded and this is not only annoying, but also doesn’t allow you to understand how the game is going.

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