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Targeting the X-ers

July 10, 2003 at 6:49 by adverblog Comments

I’m a X-er. I didn’t know that until today when I read the The X Factor on AdWeek. I’m not sure the definition exactly applies to me to, given the fact that I’m European, anyhow, at first I enjoyed the idea of being part of a difficult group to target. Of course I meant this as a consumer, not as a marketer.
But in Sarah Mahoney’s article I found that there are some points X-ers should be proud of such as: X-ers are more restless, mistrustful of corporate management and easily dissatisfied.
We are a “problem” for agencies and employers. So, we are or we will become a problem for ourselves as well, as marketers and as managers.
At the end I think it’s not just a question of advertising. It’s a question of life, and that’s even worser :-(

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