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AdSense vs Martina (Act 2)

July 13, 2003 at 10:23 by adverblog Comments

I thought the game was over with Google defeating me when a couple of days ago I received this message:

Hello Martina,
Thank you very much for your interest in Google AdSense. However, due to VAT restrictions, we are currently unable to accept web publishers in Italy into the AdSense program. We hope to make AdSense available to you in the future.
You have already received an email notifying you that your application has not been accepted and we are keeping track of your application. When AdSense becomes available for web publishers in Italy, we will re-evaluate your application.
The Google Team

Ok, I said to myself, I have to blame the Italian Government if Google doesn’t accept me in AdSense program. I was a little bit disappointed, but that was it, at least I had a reply.
Then I received a message from an Italian reader, Maurizio, who runs this web site that has been accepted in the program… then I found out that also Paolo, a blog-friend that lives less than 50 km from me has been accepted in the program…
What’s wrong with me????? Why they don’t want me????? Gimme one good reason!
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3 Responses to AdSense vs Martina (Act 2)

  1. Paolo Valdemarin says:
    Are non-US publishers eligible for Google AdSense?
    In this initial launch, Google AdSense is available to all websites, in the US or elsewhere, whose content is in English. We hope to expand the program in the future to include websites whose content is in other languages. Please note that at this time all publishers will receive payments via checks in US Dollars.

    Anyway, so far the service is not incredibly exciting. I was getting ads I didn’t like, so I banned some of them. Now I’m getting ony a couple of ads. I still don’t like them but I don’t want to end up with an empty banner space.
    By “ads I didn’t like” I mean ads that I don’t think fit very well with what I write.

  2. Martina says:

    Thank you Paolo!
    I know the service might be not very exciting but know it’s becoming a question of principle :-)

  3. Maurizio says:

    hello Martina, but to the end you have comprised the reason for which the Google has refused yours blog in the program To-sense? But it is not previewed that situated that means to join to the program has a minimum of visitors to the day?

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