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What about wireless advergames?

January 14, 2004 at 4:22 by Martina Comments

Poste Italiane, the National Italian Postal Service is launching a wireless advergame (with a video clip) to promote its new pre-paid credit card, which is the “son” of an online game featured on The game can be downloaded from an advergames portal as well.
The idea of a wireless advergame sounds great also because it’s getting a lot of attention from the media with a positive echo for the branding effect.

One Response to What about wireless advergames?

  1. The wireless advergame realized for poste italiane does not include a video clip.
    Winapply realized the wireless advergame using j2me, the most important standard used for cellular phones.The number of people using j2me games is growing always more.The most important newspapers (Italia oggi, Adnkronos, and the most important portals on the net) wrote about the success of this marketing product.
    Andrea Turinetto

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