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Movistar hacks the “m” on Messenger

July 1, 2005 at 9:13 by Martina Comments

Apparently, if you’re in Spain and use MSN Messenger, everytime you type “M” in the chat box the Movistar logo magically appears, as shown below.

[news via Ninjamarketing // AdLand]

4 Responses to Movistar hacks the “m” on Messenger

  1. Leo says:

    And the screenshot is the italian version of the spanish msn messenger? ¬¬

  2. IHQ says:

    In Spain, messenger ‘m’ is working alright ;-) , That’s just a customised icon. By the way, that screenshot you are showing is an italian messeger :-)

  3. iamroberto says:

    So I’m in Spain and I use the Spanish version of Messenger and the only Movistar M that we have is the Tab in the main Messenger window.
    As Leo said in the previous comment the language shown in the screenshot is Italian, not Spanish. So that is a fake.

  4. The guy using Messenger in Spain is Italian, so maybe he has an Italian version of the software.
    Anyway thanks for telling us Messenger works fine.
    I don’t think this might be a fake, rather a customization.
    The original news is posted here:
    You will also find the email address of the guy with the hacked “m” to try a chat with him.

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