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Window shopping and bluetooth marketing

September 27, 2005 at 10:01 by Martina Comments

Another Bluetooth marketing campaign using Hypertag technology. This time it comes from the UK, where bookshop chain Waterstone’s has partnered with Macmillan Children’s books to promote the upcoming title All American Girl: ready or not.
New Media Age (sub. req.) explains Hypertag’s technology is now placed in shop windows and offers the chance to win Waterstone’s vouchers, free copies of the book and mobile screen savers. This an incredibly smart idea, because it gives brands the possibility to interact with the prospect when he/she is actually interested in a product. If you spend a few seconds in front of a shop window, most of the times it means you’re interested in its content, so you’re going to be more likely to ask (pull) further information about the products.

2 Responses to Window shopping and bluetooth marketing

  1. majorram says:

    Hypertag has the potential to change the way customers can be reached with targeted messages. Just extending the concept of hypertag, if by some way (RFID?) the customer can be identified, using the marketing database, the customer can be sent ads that are tailored to them. Great use for brick & mortar organizations such as Banks, retail outlets, hotels etc where people are serviced physically

  2. Why not just give the customer the ability to browse the items that interest them, by giving them dynamic (not spamming) access to the bookstore’s products and services? This is being done with Jellingspot (, along with other solutions (from Nokia, etc…). Also, customers can be identified by a unique Bluetooth ID, so RFID isn’t needed) … the point is, however, many people do NOT want to be tracked and want to remain anonymous …

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