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Marketers need to listen to blogs

October 19, 2005 at 7:31 by Martina Comments

In the age of consumer generated media, corporations can no longer hope to control 100% their brand message. Rather, they need to learn to listen. >Mediapost reports on the BlogOn conference quoting experts like Jeff Jarvis who said:

The days of centralized ‘We own the community, we own the brand,’ are over. People do it however they want, wherever they want.”

Brands can no longer control the conversation, but can get high value from what they listen. Actually marketers should have always listened to consumers, blogging simply makes this action easier.
I used to think the power of blogs was slightly overestimated, but I’m not sure the situation is still like this. I agree with Jarvis, when it comes to blogging, listening is priority number one. Of course brands can also start their own blog but it’s not easy to stay simple, direct and sincere when you run a corporate blog.

2 Responses to Marketers need to listen to blogs

  1. Nenelle says:

    Since my first marketing lesson, my teachers said to me “brands have to listen to their community”. It was obvious previously, but not an obligation, now it is that all :)
    And even if they can’t control all the conversation, they can control the main leaders if they play well.

  2. pylbug says:

    Talk about mastery of the obvious… Brands have never owned the conversation. It’s only now that marketers’ arrogance / ignorance is wearing down, and blogs are only one reason this is happening.

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