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The football search quiz by MSN

November 7, 2005 at 3:36 by Martina Comments

MSN has launched an interactive quiz to promote its search engine. The idea in the “Search Supremo” campaign is to challenge users to find answers to a set of football-related questions by using the search engine.

As Netimperative points out, there is also a competition that will give away football tickets to the fastest player answering the questions.
Jim Coleman, account direct at MRM Worldwide (UK) explains:

“The objective of the campaign is to drive consumers to the MSN Search site in a creative and engaging manner whilst at the same time reminding them that MSN Search delivers relevant results, fast. We believe the football themed quiz will generate a significant response.”

3 Responses to The football search quiz by MSN

  1. nenelle says:

    I prefer the french experience > quite wider :

  2. This is a really smart tactic. Getting people used to their search engine could definitely help them with the google battle.

  3. Look forward to a groundbreaking schools educational project whereby we force the entire primary school population of Denmark to use Google to search for answers to questions.
    The idea of the project is that it will help facilitate online search skills (no, we’re not being as shallow as giving away what can only be described as a really sh…y prize. We’re actaully integrating the experience into the educational curriculum. Naturally, it won’t be promoted on, but c’est la vie.

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