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Dior starts blogging but…

March 1, 2006 at 1:09 by Martina Comments

Jean passed me the link to Plastique de Reve, the blog recently launched by Dior to talk, and have people talk about its Dior Parfums (and related products). The blog is only in French, and it’s written by an external agency (Je suis unique) and 12 external bloggers who will be reviewing Dior’s products.
It launched a few weeks ago, but it already collected a lot of very polite and “moderated” comments (more 220 in a week) and this is somehow weird, as Jean points out, since there are only 9 IP addresses posting them… The Big (blog) Brother is watching you… (aka brands cannot play with fire).

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One Response to Dior starts blogging but…

  1. henrik says:

    How did you obtain this information as regards to the 9 IP addresses? I would like to use this example in the future as a “no-go” marketing approach. But I need to make sure that these information’s are correct. Let me know. Thanks.

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