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Ray-Ban, Never Hide

March 15, 2007 at 2:01 by Martina Comments

Ray-Ban, the brand producing the coolest shades in the world (I’m talking about the Aviator model, of course), has just launched a massive global marketing effort (20 countries are involved) to target the young, brave and nonconformist consumer.

Never Hide is the claim of a campaign that will (of course) include a touch of consumer generated content. Never Hide in front of 100 million people, submit your photo on the Ray-Ban and get your 15 seconds of fame with your photo shown on a huge billboard in Times Square.

The idea of showing a consumer’s photo in Times Square isn’t new (GE Healthcare, for example, already did it last year), but in this case the campaign what impressive if the magnitude of the effort: in Times Square there are now 12 screens ready to display your face to the world. Of course, they will do it only if you’re wearing Ray-Ban shades!

2 Responses to Ray-Ban, Never Hide

  1. Gareth Stack says:

    Gets cleverer than than. Check out these never hide youtube videos.

  2. dsom says:

    They Start a Guerrilla marketing campaign too. check this link :

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