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Levi’s caught in the sex trap

April 15, 2007 at 10:20 by Martina Comments

Sigh, what a sad discovery: sex sells for Levi’s. Strangely enough, this time is not about beautiful (almost naked) girls… since the collection to promote it’s the Spring Summer Lady Style, they’ve obviously decided to feature a bunch of sexy men and “some” female denim.
I don’t like the site. Point n.1, I don’t know who did the casting, but the men are too slim (ok, this is personal taste ;-) Point n.2 product navigation is too weak. What if I want to see my next pair of denim (not really, since I work for Diesel… ) and not a strip-tease? I loved the Levi’s Copper Jeans site, but I can’t help complaining about this pointless locker room experience.

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One Response to Levi’s caught in the sex trap

  1. Settia says:

    Um…yummmmmm….not too thin for my taste. They did a fine job pickin’ some hotties. About time these brands recognize that women like to look at attractive men too!

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