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Don’t walk alone

June 6, 2007 at 12:44 by Martina Comments

Sony is currently taking over walls and public spaces in Paris to run its Donwalkalone campaign, which is also supported by a website Actually you understand there’s Sony behind this only if you read the post on Buzz is Media, where they give credits for the action to the Japanese brand and the agency Vanksen.

Projection Sony
Caricato da culturebuzz

The online part is not particularly interesting, but it’s functional to push the contest which challenges les Parisiens to find the spots around Paris where the animations are projected.

I must say it’s not easy/intuitive to understand what’s the product promoted with this action. I admit my French is far from being perfect, but the copy on the site is quite vague and insubstantial… In any case, the object of the action should be a new kind of poster/sticker called “Cling Rite”, perfect for ecological urban guerrilla actions. The stickers are indeed based on electrostatic principles which allow people to attach and remove them easily without leaving any sign on the surface.
I kind of have the feeling this is a cool idea but, as I said above, it’s not very clear what it’s about. Is there anybody out there who can clarify a bit more the action? Merci!!

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4 Responses to Don’t walk alone

  1. Dan Schawbel says:

    Cool marketing idea by Sony

  2. Paddu says:

    My first guess was their projector, but that is because I already knew it was Sony’s before I saw the ad. Else, you are right, there’s no way for me to figure out what the product is or who is marketing it….I think the campaign is crappy to start with, would be interested in seeing where they take it from here…

  3. serialbuzzer says:

    Hello Martina,
    First - sorry for my French-english.
    Second - Bravo pour Adverblog.
    i worked with Vanksen for this campaign as creative writer ( “don’t walk alone” ). It’s intentionnaly “not very clear” as it’s a teaser delivering a message in two times.
    The answer soon.
    cheers (from Paris)
    Romain Novarina
    ps- My last campaign for FHM magazine France called “Prise d’Otage” ( )
    has nothing to deal with Diesel’s Heidies…prise d’otage means “hostage-taker” in english and the original thing is that the “fake” hostages are the real editorial stuff including the director of FHM FRANCE, Lomig Guillo and fhm top model VIRGINIE GERVAIS.
    It’s the first time a french magazine was so involved in his buzz promotion , it was a very weird but good experience. FHM is very happy as they’re is a good feedback-Have a look at the pictures on the website !
    Romain Novarina

  4. camille says:

    (sorry for my french english too)
    The message is not clear but it aims to surprise people in the streets, and i think it works. You have different situations/experience where you’re alone (skating, walking, etc), and the cling promess you something different.
    For me it’s a good campaign, a good teasing and, as i say in my blog, it’s a good ecological way (at last) to make guerilla.

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