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Addictive advergame for Dodge

June 7, 2007 at 11:25 by Martina Comments

Eventually an addictive advergame. Perhaps it doesn’t have much to do with the product it’s advertising (a car), but it’s different, sticky and definitely worth generating some word of mouth. What shall we ask more to an advergame?

Ok, now one step back and some more info on the whole thing… It’s a mini-site launched in France by Dodge to promote its new Dodge Nitro. The concept plays with the idea of nitroglycerine/adrenaline, and therefore features a site full of testosterone to immediately get the attention of the right target audience.

Even if the site is in French, finding the way to the advergame isn’t very complicated (just look for “jouer” and/or “survoltez vous”) but there’s an annoying mandatory registration form to fill in in order to play. When you’re in, use the spacebar to reach the right level of adrenaline, and then jump across the holes to get as far as possible… if you can, try to avoid the walls…

via E-conomy.

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3 Responses to Addictive advergame for Dodge

  1. Mark Bowness says:

    All a bit too complicated for my liking!
    Mark Bowness

  2. Nicolas says:

    I don’t want to brag (ok ok, I do), but Walking Men launched another campaign for the same customer, targeting the Belgian market.
    It’s a six-phase online game, still active right now. The approach is somewhat similar, but we went for a more americana-urban-dark-prison break-meets-GTA kind of style… Check it out here:


  3. nirav says:

    Reminds me of this game.
    Too bad that this car is awful. :/

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