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The Daisy of Marc Jacobs

August 21, 2007 at 8:50 by Martina Comments

It looks like online marketing is becoming important for fragrances as well. A few months we talked about Calvin Klein, a few days ago we mentioned the mysterious Diesel campaign that apparently is going to introduce on the market a new perfume, now it’s time to discover Daisy, the new fragrance (and website) launched by Marc Jacobs.
The first impression isn’t positive, as you have to register to “enter the garden” and discover the site. But I’m curious, so I fill in some data and get in… I become a daisy in a garden full of daisies with name and surname and my goal is to grow and become beautiful. To grow, means to play a series of advergames that are actually pretty engaging and extremely original: a positive surprise.
My experience in the garden continues with the discovery of the product. It’s a pity someone still hasn’t invented how to distribute fragrances through the Web, but despite this essential lack, using some imagination I can get a good idea of how Daisy is.
The rest of the site isn’t as original and creative but the overall experience is absolutely pleasant and positive. Congrats to WDDG for the good work, that I cannot evaluate as excellent since they completely forgot about the sound design.

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