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British Airways and Pam Ann

October 15, 2007 at 9:12 by Martina Comments

A post to begin the week with a laugh or, at least with a smile. Check out the latest British Airways online campaign, starring British comedian Pam Ann.
Let’s start by introducing Pam Ann with an hilarious video (not related to BA) I found on Youtube…

And then let’s go into the details of the spoof campaign created by to highlight the quality of BA’s cabin crew.

If you think about it, BA hasn’t done anything special. They haven’t created a new character, but just “exploited” the fame of an already rather successful comedian (maybe someone from the UK could confirm how well known she is over there…).

What I actually find interesting it’s the capability of such a “serious” brand like British Airways to take herself not so seriously, using sense of humour to achieve two goals: promote the quality of the cabin service to the potential passengers, and attract new cabin crew members to the attached recruitment website. Two pigeons with one bean…

2 Responses to British Airways and Pam Ann

  1. Nishad says:

    I do agree that the video was very funny.
    Just thought they gave it all away with the training bit at the very end. Lost their nerve in the end, I thought.

  2. Aden Hepburn says:

    Great concept, but I think this is far too long. It wasn’t entertaining enough to keep me watching all the way through - inparticular, for time poor people looking to be influenced to fly BA.

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