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Welcome to Blackville

November 6, 2007 at 9:01 by Martina Comments

Rum Cacique is online with a new chapter of the Escucha la llamada story that first appeared on the Web two years ago.

According to what I read on Marketing News (in Spanish), Blackville is a sort of cartoon adventure game where users are asked to solve a mystery in order to run for a prize.

The prize is, of course, very much in line with the Cacique brand: a trip for three friends in three capitals around the world to discover the secrets of their nightlives. Unfortunately, because of the competition attached to the site, I cannot tell you how the adventure looks like, because users shall register providing their fiscal code.
The agencies behind the project are Sra. Rushmore and DoubleYou. You might want to check their websites as well as they are quite peculiar…

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