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Virtual whisky tasting

November 17, 2007 at 10:05 by Martina Comments

In Spain, Jameson is online with a video site to introduce visitors to the world of whisky. A bartender explains the differences among Irish, American and Scottish whisky, proposing an interesting experiment of virtual tasting.

I can’t say the site is exciting nor impressive from a creative point of view, but it offers a good experience, especially to those, like myself, who don’t know much about whisky. At the end of the visit you definitely have an idea of the world of whisky and scotch, and I think you will become curious enough to try some the next time you have the chance. So I think the site does its job, it tells a story, and it keeps users watching the video for quite a few minutes.

Of course, such a site needs the support of good media plan, but it is a good example of simple but effective online marketing. Not all the brands do have to be strongly creative nor amusing to reach their goals online. In my opinion, being consistent with the brand and deliver a clear message can often be enough, especially in the context of an integrated campaign.
The agency behind the action it’s Meyer Action.

One Response to Virtual whisky tasting

  1. Vroni says:

    a very cute bartender indeed. But why I have to wait so long to his answer, when I choosed “my” whisky?
    Here Meyer Action had a real chance to be creative anyway, f. e. to make the bartender make funny or macho things or he could make a bored look… or anything else.

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