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Converse says Thank you!

March 9, 2008 at 10:05 by Martina Comments

To celebrate its 100th anniversary Converse has launched in Japan a “Thank you” project, to thanks its loyal customers and to involve them in a collaborative project to further promote its famous shoe model.


But let’s go into the details of the campaign, thanks to David’s post on Culture Buzz… Basically Converse asks the users to become their advertising agency, and to carry out a series of actions to promote the brand. The better (and the more) they promote Converse, the more points they earn, points that can later be exchanged with products.

After signing up users find a dedicated interface that allows them to access the promotional challenges the brand ask them to solve and a series of assets such as banners and avatars to customize in order to communicate to the outside world their committment with Converse.


Of course the community is also eager and open to interactions among the users “agencies”, that are able to leave comments about the products as well as around other “agencies” works.


As I pointed out before, it’s interesting to note the rewarding mechanism Converse has decided to apply. Going back to my short experience with Japanese consumers, I remember their great interest in collecting points in order to receive exclusive products, so I appreciate the cultural connection of the Thank You project. I’m not sure the same model would work in Europe, for example, but it’s definitely a smart way to give a little push to word of mouth…
Offline is also part of the campaign with a series of outdoor ads placed in the overcrowded Tokio urban landscape.

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