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Iconic Britain looks pretty flat

June 21, 2008 at 11:44 by Martina Comments

To fight back Google Image Search dominance in image search on the Web, Msn has launched in the UK “Iconic Britain“. The website encourages visitors to upload images that better portrait UK culture, architecture and tradition. Users are also (and more importantly) invited to search the Web and look for the images that best fit into the concept.


I have contrasting feelings about this campaign. I think the Iconic Britain concept, althought it isn’t very new, could have been an interesting starting point for promoting the Live Search feature. Unfortunately it looks like MSN took a quite creative idea and developed it with the flattest look & feel and interface possible. To me this website even works negatively for the MSN brand not intentionally (of course) communicating to the users MSN isn’t a cool brand at all. What do you think? Am I too critic with this campaign?

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6 Responses to Iconic Britain looks pretty flat

  1. Ian Thomas says:

    No, you’re not being too critical. It’s as dull as ditchwater.

  2. Ken Solano says:

    I really think that its a shame MSN keeps shooting itself in the foot like this. I really love a lot of thier features many of thier programs have.
    They should showcase thier work in a better light. Hopefully C+P will be able to pull them out of this rut.

  3. Gerry Marychurch says:

    It looks dead boring - something my mum would whip up while baking scones.

  4. Gerry Marychurch says:

    Great site by the way. It’s always the first one I go to for all things digital. I’m surprised you don’t get more comments posted. Check out the Campaign Brief blog for the NZ advertising industry -that attracts lots of comments - most of them quite nasty.

  5. purplesimon says:

    That’s the overall problem with MS - they take something good and make it flat, boring and corporate. They want to take risks but somewhere along the line someone says: Oh, that’s not Microsoft - then the campaigns get watered down.
    As Gerry says, his Mum could whip it up while baking scones. I do wonder what Gerry’s Mum could do while she’s rolling out pastry, though? :)

  6. Joe says:

    I think it looks great and the actual functionality of the voting and submitting works well too… It’s a shame it is endorsed by MS, but something that is probably expensive needs paying by someone i suppose.

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