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Sony Bravia: Domino CIty

October 16, 2008 at 12:23 by Mark Comments

It’s been a while since we’ve last seen a new Sony Bravia commercial. But we’ve got news from New Zealand, where Domino City just got released. This commercial, in line with Balls, Paint and Bunnies, is showing domino stones falling throughout India. Nice, but not as impressive as the ones we saw before. Maybe because it’s a local ad, just like Piramids, and executed by a different agency (BATES Singapore). You decide.

For those interested, here’s the making of.

Found via Illegal Advertising

6 Responses to Sony Bravia: Domino CIty

  1. quite the weakest attempt…

  2. Buzzing Bees says:

    Bof. The Domino thing has been done so many times, and so recently by Guinness (Tipping Point, which was much better), that this looks like an old ad.

  3. soulbringer says:

    to be really honest:
    1) ENOUGH!
    - Im FED UP with CONTINUING or making another BIG copy of first and EFFECTIVE ad for SONY BRAVIA. And to be clear I still admire first ad
    a) PAINT - a master piece
    b) BALLS - great idea and also cool ad
    but come on SONY guys…!!!
    RABBIT, FOAM and this last DOMINO is just trying to play the same and its more and more boring!
    Because it is still trying to be same! And ist not about the main claim (which is ok), but with the way you are doing this ads - like sometnihg to be really spectacular - and thats the problem. Paint and Balls were spectacular, but doing ads as a BIG ads and pointog still on how cool you are in “making of” … it just Enough!
    Lets try somenthing NEW!!!
    2) COPY of IDEA
    - and of course another thing is DOMINO
    - how many ads are done by domino effecet and to be really clear this is just one of them which people will forget soon
    - there are hundreds of them and I prefer more this ads:

  4. Nathan says:

    Oh my. It’s what the world has been waiting for ANOTHER domino ad!

  5. Dario says:

    It’s not this a copy of a similar ad filmed in Jujuy, Argentina for I think Stella Artois?

  6. soulbringer says:

    where is my comment???

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