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Dental brace yourself

December 27, 2008 at 7:53 by Martina Comments

The site for the product you don’t expect to find promoted on the Web: dental braces. Yes, there is a Spanish dental braces manufacturer who decide to ride the “elf yourself” wave its own way…


Upload a picture, select the dental braces model you prefer and preview how you will look like.


The concept might be not very original, but it is definitely a quite brave choice, very much in line with the “try before you buy” idea :-)
via Briefblog

2 Responses to Dental brace yourself

  1. Jessica says:

    Spain has chanced considerable in the 30 or so years since the Franco dictatorship ended, and lots of mid-20 to mid 30 year olds are now finding themselves with braces, which they couldn’t afford earlier. Campaigns like this can make it less embarassing for them.

  2. m says:

    Actually Ausonia sells sanitary pads rather than dental braces. The site follows up on their last TV campaign, which features a self-confident mom encouraging her son to seduce the girl he likes by shamelessly grinning at her, showing his new very patent braces. The spot has been quite talked about, primarily because of the funny way the kid speaks due to the braces.

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