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Bushfire help

February 10, 2009 at 7:27 by Mark Comments

Sorry to use this as a forum for help but we need it. 190+ dead and 800+ houses gone and 112 degrees fahrenheit, 44 degrees celsius temperature. Bushfires have smashed us. We’ve had the worst natural disaster ever in our country and we are struggling. Please help us if you can. Here we all know someone who has died by the fires and need help so they can get back up and re-build. PLEASE donate if you can. Thank you so much.


One Response to Bushfire help

  1. Robert says:

    The disaster is not over yet, fires are still burning.
    When the fires started the temperature in Melbourne (Australia) was actually 46.4 degrees celsius (around 117 f) and even hotter in the country areas (where the fires are).
    100km + winds were fueling the fires. The newspaper reports say the intensity of the firestorm was equivalent to multiple nuclear bombs detonating at once.
    The power of fires were throwing debri 15km in front of the fires and generating their own electrical storm.
    The flames - 50 metres high.
    A person would have been burnt standing no closer than 200 metres away from the fire.
    Mother nature is very powerful.
    Ongoing reference of the disaster:,21985,25037492-661,00.html