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Speed lessons by HEAD

March 11, 2009 at 10:53 by Martina Comments

The popular racquet producer HEAD is online with a digital project to start driving interest around a new racquet that is about to hit the market. The website takes an amusing approach to tennis, with a cartoon and the support of Novak Djokovic’ voice.


A series of short video animations explain visitors the effects of the Speed racquet on the game.

It’s weird yet cool to see a brand like HEAD that decides to play the online marketing card to appeal tennis players. Maybe I should not be that surprised, but I still can’t help to be amazed when new players start playing the game I like (and I think should be played) if your target is young and sporty (and not only, of course).


In the case of Lessons of Speed, it’s also interesting to point out the tone of voice and the visual approach chosen by the brand. A bit surprisingly, Irony and cartoons work pretty well to present a product that might not be so engaging as a racquet.
The agency is Ars Berlin.

One Response to Speed lessons by HEAD

  1. It is so funny and this style of cartooning is really on time!!
    This website is so cool that tomorrow morning will be also on our blog :) thanks

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