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The year the whole world went away

March 12, 2009 at 12:45 by Mark Comments

One of the most known Mayan prophecies is the one that reads that the world will end in December of 2012, according to the end of the Long Count Calendar. I was about to watch a movie once and then this trailer appeared:

It seemed kind of funny that instead of being given a website to check out for more info, i was given a term to be Googled, and finally, a few days after i found some things about that:

Then i got to this website, that first of all was just presenting the movie trailer. But now the same site includes two more links. The first one introduces Woody Harrelson playing the character of the kind of mad guy announcing Apocalypse that nobody pays attention to, although maybe he’s right and it’s kind of funny site involving Facebook profiles or Twitter accounts with the warnings launched by this Charlie Frost character.

On the other site, and playing being so serious, there is an Institute for Human Continuity, an organization running a lottery in which you can participate because they are choosing the people that will survive this coming Armageddon.
And as long as you Google things about characters, the Institute, etc. the thing is going further and further so, finally it’s all related to the next Roland Emmerich’s film, “2012″, and sometimes happens that in the end this kind of movie is such a crap, but the viral way they’re introducing it makes it worth of a chance, at least :)

5 Responses to The year the whole world went away

  1. Aaron says:

    Can I ask which creative agency was behind the idea? Would anyone know?

  2. Daniel says:

    Wow, that is probably one of the best viral campaigns I have seen so far. I like the thing with the google search as well as most people nowadays think that whatever comes first on google is the truth…
    Nice one!

  3. juli3n says:

    I would have asked the same question.
    For the last month, we’ve seen more and more extended experiences of this kind.
    I love this mix between Alternate Reality Games and Viral Campaigns. They bring the movie environment (and some elements of the scenario) outside the screen.
    Thanx adverblog for bringing such good news.

  4. james says:

    Big Spaceship ( did the IHC site. They even say they were sceptical to take on the project until the science persuaded them!!! hahaha

  5. Fernando A. says:

    This is a completly different way of doing a viral effect in campaigns. I think it’s awesome, as you said, at least, by the merit of the advertising, it’s worth giving the movie a chance.

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