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Chlorophyllo, mes que un heroe

March 23, 2009 at 5:06 by Laurent Comments

Tribal DDB has recently launched a crazy advergame for Airwaves in France. In an interactive video, you play Chlorophyllo, a Mexican wrestler who gets his strength from the main ingredient you can get in Chloromenthol Airwaves gum. You need to fight the evil Dr Mano Negra, who wants to get the secret of your power, rule the world etc…


The art direction is nice, the script and the gameplay are very simple (too simple?), the prize (a trip to Cancun) is attractive : that sounds like a good recipe for a catchy campaign.

The use of old kitschy movies dubbed in a funny way, apart from being very cost-effective for the brand, has already proved to be very successful among French Airwaves’ target (Mozinor, BombayTV, …). A good move from Tribal DDB, especially if you like absurd and vintage material. Even if one could notice surf on the site and access to content (e.g. shortcuts) could have certainly be optimized.

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4 Responses to Chlorophyllo, mes que un heroe

  1. Chilango says:

    Once and again, a campaign around mexican styled catchers.
    Once and again, an interactive one.
    The craft is good, but one more time we get with a several-times-seen-before flavour.
    There’s nothing new with this execution, nor an original proposal using mexican catchers.
    Sorry guys, but this one smells poor, like the french interactive industry.

  2. Panos says:

    I think it’s one of the amazing things I’ve ever seen online! Seriously.
    The art direction goes into great detail, making everything feel vintage 70s, and the interface I think is just crazy. A very creative way to use a cult (I guess) film in a new way.

  3. riccardo Barbieri says:

    it’s very funny, i like this way of doing awareness on the web, i like also the 70′s story. but the question is, it will reach the objective?
    i surfed it for more than 10 mins and i don’t remember the brand?

  4. Laurent says:

    I agree on the fact it is not a never-done-before operation. But it is well executed, and maybe in our “poor French interactive industry”, it was rare enough to be noticed …
    I won’t debate on perception of fun depending on countries, but be sure there is an audience who likes that kind of humour and may like to chew gums once in a while !
    About brand attribution, it is an interesting issue you raised. That would be great to know if other readers got the same feeling.
    I make an attempt : the brand presence is probably not sufficient if you hadn’t been already exposed to it before.
    For example in France, Airwaves reached minimum standards of awareness. Considering that, this advergame will have input on its chloromenthol product awareness, and general brand perception.

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