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Carlsberg: Where’s the Party?

June 4, 2009 at 9:53 by Martina Comments

In Sweden, beer brand Carlsberg has recently launched a website and a mobile application that allows people to track parties and friends and make sure to hit the right spots for entertainment this summer.


The whole mechanism is explained in the video you are presented with as soon as you hit the website. The project is still in beta, and therefore you need an invitation (which I don’t have) to test the service. The application is based on a GPS service and is able to connect to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Even if the idea at first sounds interesting, after careful consideration, I believe this is a good example of a brand that tries to go too far while trying to do the right thing connecting with the cool/hot social networks/applications of the moment. I’m sorry but the question is as straightforward as rude: do we really need Carlsberg to help us getting in touch with our friends to organize a night out?

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4 Responses to Carlsberg: Where’s the Party?

  1. Karl says:

    Nice post! Too many social network site appeared, complex or simple, we need fresh and useful site.

  2. Pascal Van den Driessche says:

    How strange� I presented and developed the EXACT same idea four years ago for Carlsberg, when I worked as creative director for the Belgian agency Wanabe. It was cancelled at the last minute. You can see the original version in my portfolio:

  3. Fake Dublin says:

    hey Pascal,
    I pitched the same idea (more or less) to Heineken Ireland last year.
    Obviously, someone in Sweden (imagine that) had the balls to actually go through with the idea of mashing maps. mobile and event sign ups.
    Really like your proposal, looks much stronger that the live version.

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