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Vodafone launches #ukhols map

June 12, 2009 at 1:27 by Martina Comments

I realize this is very geek, but I really like it: in the UK Vodafone has launched a website which combines Google Maps and Twitter to build the picture of where British people are going to spend their summer holidays.


The initiative has been launched to spread the word about the fact that roaming charges across Europe have been eventually abolished by Vodafone.

The mechanism is pretty simple and therefore strong: Twitter users must tweet the hashtag #ukhols, followed by their age, sex, the first half of their postcode, complete with their holiday destination, for example, #ukhols 25 F B12 Gran Canaria, which will quickly appear on the Vodafone Google map.


Once on holiday, tweetters will then be able to also share their holiday picks using TwitPic.


What I find amazing is also the insight this application provides to tour operators.
Kudos to Ben Marsh who developed the website.
Found on Revolution Magazine.

One Response to Vodafone launches #ukhols map

  1. pyn chawn says:

    crazy. scary. brilliant.

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