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Drinks & apps

July 8, 2009 at 11:05 by Martina Comments

On Facebook, a few months ago you sacrified your friends for a burger. Now it’s time to get them back by offering them an icecream. Through the social network Starbucks is giving away 20,000 coupons for a free pint of icecream everyday.


A good example of coupon marketing 2.0 that might become pretty annoying if the things gets too popular among the wrong brands. I like the idea because I think it will work pretty well as a recruitment campaign for the Starbucks Fan page, and you know how important it is getting to be able to engage with consumers (in the right way) on their own pitch.


Talking about another beverages brand, Absolut Vodka, make sure you download Drinkspiration. In case you don’t know what to drink on a night out, or you are simply trying to impress your friends as a barman, Absolut iPhone application will solve all your problems.


It is really useful and nicely developed and most of all, it perfectly fits the brand, which is something (unfortunately) not so common among branded applications. I’m just quite annoyed they don’t serve Vodka Sour…


BTW there is also a widget available through but I don’t understand why I have to register to get it (before I haven’t even seen how it works), so I don’t bother and move on.


One Response to Drinks & apps

  1. Thanks for a great blog and a nice review.
    Happy you like the app!
    The three different widgets synch with your profile and are updated with your 5 last ordered drinks, your all-time top 5 or the all-time no.1.
    Fair point if that did not get through, we’ll see what we can do in order to make it more understandable.
    kind regards
    The ABSOLUT team

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