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Placebo and the music videos industry

August 31, 2009 at 10:19 by Daniel Comments

Being a band, there was a time when you needed MTV for broadcasting your music videos, because MTV was the place where everybody went to see videos. But a couple of years ago, a lot of bands started a new trend that consisted on creating “interactive” pieces, knowing that when you have fans they’ll follow you every place you are, MTV or… your own website.

After fantastic pieces such as Rektor’s “Princess” and Krezip’s “Music box” videos, Arcade Fire made this trend kind of mainstream with their famous “Neon Bible” video, so nowadays there are new pieces related to interactive experiences replacing the usual TV distribution for the visual version of bands’ singles very often, i can remember Labuat’s “Soy tu aire” or Radiohead’s “In rainbows”.

The latest ones to join this way of releasing content are the guys from Placebo, with their new single “The neverending why” and its correspondant interactive piece, created by the bizarre wizardry of the Champagne Valentine crew. Maybe a bit linear on the interactive side but definitely a really cool visual experience.

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