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Be your own souvenir

April 5, 2011 at 5:48 by Martina comments

One of the coolest projects I’ve seen so far this year. If you ever visited Barcelona, you know that La Rambla is packed with tourists and street artists standing still as human sculptures. In this contexts, blablabLAB produced an installation called Be your own souvenir that allowed tourists to get a full 360-degree scan of themselves with openKinect. The scan was then printed in 3D creating a sort of little soldier version of the person. A great project that changes the perspective of spectator-performer, artist-tourist creating a unique giveaway that any geek (and not only) would love.

I look forward to see which will be the first brand which will get inspired by this project. Would be interesting to see this connected to a retail experience.

via Colossal

One Response to Be your own souvenir

  1. Andy Dean says:

    I Agree, just brilliant :) Great little track too. Nice use of two bits of tech, the Kinect and a 3D printer. You Know its good when you watch it and think, Dam we should have done that!

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