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Tropicana “juice” lights the billboard up

April 15, 2011 at 5:45 by Martina Comments

In Paris, Tropicana has illuminated a billboard using energy produced by oranges. The idea of using citrus to produce energy doesn’t sound new to me (my brother did an installation with lemons last year at Bread & Butter for Replay) but I love the connection between the execution and the product (orange + vitamins = life… did I really have to explain this? I guess not… :)

And btw after moving here in the US I found out that the energy you plug in your computer is actually referred as the “juice” (!!).
Kudos to DDB and Unit 9 for the idea and the execution. (via)

One Response to Tropicana “juice” lights the billboard up

  1. jforjenius says:

    they could’ve lit up a little kid in Africa’s entire day with just one orange…

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